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With over 20 years of experience we are here to help answer any questions you may have and connect you to a pre-vetted source if we can not help you directly. OUR SERVIE IF FREE!

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If you do not get the service you deserve we work side-by-side to ensure we get it done right. Over 83k Callers with a 99.9% help rate.

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Why waste time with those search engines, SEARCHING through thousands of web-pages hoping to find the right solution, when you can just call 1-800-MEDIGAP and get connected to a pre-qualified professional.

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Don’t flush time and money down the toilet call 1-800-MEDIGAP to connect with a pre-qualified professional.


Hundreds of Electrical professionals waiting to serve our callers, committed to excellence and our mission.


Does your home need a make over, as much as the old search engines did?  Call 1-800-MEDIGAP 


Why risk in? Call 1-800-MEDIGAP for NExt Level service


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Love green, so do our professionals! We are also use 73% less energy than the top 3 search engines 🙂

Popular Services & projects

Based on our last 83,000 callers here are some of the most popular home service calls we have received. REMEMBER WE DO MORE THAN HOME SERVICES.

Home Services

From major repairs, to simple services we will do our best to walk you through or connect you to a professional that can help!

Services provided
Ceiling repairs

When it comes to maintaining the structural and aesthetic integrity of your home, ceiling repair is a crucial service that cannot be overlooked. Whether you’re dealing with water damage, cracks, or age-related wear and tear, professional ceiling repair services can restore your ceiling to its original condition. With skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, you can ensure the safety and beauty of your living spaces. Don’t let ceiling issues dampen the comfort and value of your home—reach out to expert ceiling repair services today.

Lamp repairs

A malfunctioning lamp can disrupt your living or working environment, making lamp repair an essential service to consider. Whether you’re facing issues with the wiring, switch, or bulb socket, qualified technicians can quickly diagnose and fix the problem. Investing in lamp repair can not only save you money but also extend the lifespan of your cherished fixtures. So, before you think of tossing out that elegant or sentimental lamp, explore your lamp repair options to bring the light back into your life.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Dirty or discolored tiles and grout can make even the cleanest spaces look unkempt. Professional tile and grout cleaning services offer a deep clean that home remedies simply can’t match. Using specialized cleaning solutions and high-pressure equipment, experts can remove stubborn stains and bacteria, giving your tile surfaces a refreshed and gleaming appearance. For a cleaner, healthier home, don’t underestimate the impact of professional tile and grout cleaning.


Can’t fix, or want new..we can help with that too! Our AI can even schedule your visit or connect you with a pre-approved professional!

Services provided
Molding installation

Enhance the elegance of your home with professional molding installation services. Whether it’s crown molding to add a touch of sophistication to your ceilings or baseboard molding to neatly finish your walls, expert installation ensures a seamless, polished look. With a variety of materials and styles to choose from, molding installation can complement any interior design, adding character and value to your property.

Window installation

Proper window installation is critical for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Well-installed windows not only enhance the visual appeal of your home but also improve energy efficiency, thereby reducing your utility bills. Choosing certified professionals for your window installation project ensures a snug fit, correct sealing, and long-lasting results. Make your home brighter and more energy-efficient with quality window installation services.


Our FREE SERVICE includes maintenance reminders delivered to your in-box based on our interactions saving you in costly repairs.

Services provided
General Maintenance

Home maintenance is the key to preserving the value and functionality of your residence. From regular inspections to timely repairs, a well-maintained home offers peace of mind and financial benefits. Whether it’s checking the roof, cleaning the gutters, or servicing the HVAC system, professional home maintenance services can tackle all aspects of your property, ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment for years to come.

Staining furniture

Whether you’re selling your home or simply updating its look, furniture staging can make a huge difference. Professional stagers know how to arrange furniture to maximize space, highlight architectural features, and create a welcoming atmosphere. With strategic placement and the right decor, furniture staging can showcase the full potential of your home, making it more appealing to prospective buyers or simply more enjoyable for you.

Why Choose 1-800-MEDIGAP

We have decades of experience helping people, and have built a trusted network. Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible and if needed we will refer your call to a trusted network member to ensure you get the service you deserve!

over 20 years experience

professional standards


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“Wow, just wow! I had heard good things about 1-800-MEDIGAP, but I never imagined the level of personalized service they offer. As a senior, dealing with healthcare can be daunting, but their home services took all the worries off my shoulders. They offered comprehensive options, and I felt so taken care of. It’s not just a service; it’s a game-changer. If you’re in the market for hassle-free healthcare solutions, look no further. Thank you, 1-800-MEDIGAP, you’re the real MVP!”

Beth H

Nevada Texas

“Talk about exceeding expectations! 1-800-MEDIGAP’s home services are nothing short of spectacular. I felt like I was their top priority from start to finish. They’ve truly mastered the art of making complicated medical decisions simple and stress-free. I received expert advice tailored to my specific needs, and they even followed up to ensure everything was going smoothly. It’s so refreshing to encounter a company that actually cares about their customers. Two thumbs way, way up!”

Richard C

Alamosa Colorado

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