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Medicare Supplements Comparison?

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Over 80% of the people who call our help line end up on some type of medicare supplements.

Changes in Medicare Supplements

The government is taking away some benefits in the very near future, make sure you know your grandfathered options to keep the max benefits.

Medicare Advantage is different than Medicare Supplements

This is very important, please call of discuss the difference between medicare supplements and medicare advanyage with your agent!

Top 10 Medicare Supplements?

Medicare Supplement Plan F,G,N,A,B,C,D,K,L,M

What is a Medicare Supplement Plan F?

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F, the most comprehensive plan offered, pays the Medicare Part A hospital deductible and coinsurance, the Part B deductible and excess charges, the skilled nursing facility coinsurance and foreign travel emergency care. For more detailed information about cost, coverage and renewability, click on the sections below.

What is a Medicare Supplement Plan G?

Plan G is popular because it covers many high-risk situations not taken care of by Medicare, and it is a pretty affordable plan. Plan G covers things like hospitalization coverage extension, hospital co-insurance, skilled nursing co-insurance, hospital care and Medicare excess charges, among other things.

The only thing Plan G doesn't cover that Plan F covers is the Part B deductible, which in 2014 is $147 per year.

What is a Medicare Supplement Plan O?

O is not used much if at all...

What is a Medicare Supplement Plan N??

Medicare Supplement N is very popular it has fewer benefits, and is less expensive.

What is a Medicare Supplement Plan F*?

F (High Deductible) is the same as the F but with a once a year deductible.

What is a Medicare Supplement Plan D??

Many people confuse plan D with PART D which is the Drug Program.

What is a Medicare Supplement Plan J?

J was once the most popular medicare supplement, it is often in the middle of the pack when it comes to price and benefits anymore.

What is a Medicare Supplement Plan L?

Many people like the L for price until the see the benefits of an F High Deductible and compare the benefits.

What is a Medicare Supplement Plan M ?

Medigap Plan M is not popular, but if you have one please compare the prices to some of the newer plans.

What is a Medicare Supplement Plan K?

K has been a top plan until about 2015, now G is much more popular based on out stats.

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